8.4. Shepherd

Shepherd is a command line utility that helps to perform maintenance tasks with running irohad daemon.

8.4.1. Prerequisites

To access irohad daemon, utility service has to be configured in it. See the configuration details.

Next, when invoking shepherd, pass the --irohad command line argument with address and port of irohad utility service:

./shepherd --irohad <...>

8.4.2. Supported actions

These are the things that you can do with shepherd by specifying additional command line arguments. Graceful shutdown

How did you stop iroha before? What, did you really really kill it? Oh, please never do that again, it is not polite and nice!

./shepherd <...> --shutdown

With --shutdown argument, shepherd will politely ask Iroha to stop. Watch it work

Widely considered one of the greatest pleasures is watching others work. With shepherd you can watch Iroha working!

./shepherd <...> --status

This will subscribe for work cycle status updates. You will get unambiguous messages when the daemon is starting, operating, terminating or has just stopped.

8.4.3. Other parameters

You can also set the logging level:

./shepherd <...> --verbosity debug <...>

Supported values are trace, debug, info, warning, error and critical.