7.2. irohad Flags

You can start irohad with different flags. Some of the main ones were already mentioned but there are others, that you might find useful for your unique situation. Here they are:

Flag Description Type Default
-config specifies Iroha provisioning path string “”
-drop_state drops existing state data at startup bool false
-genesis_block specifies file with initial block string “”
-keypair_name specifies name of .pub and .priv files string “”
-metrics_addr Prometeus HTTP server listen address string “”
-metrics_port Prometeus HTTP server listens port, disabled by default string “”
-overwrite_ledger overwrites ledger data if existing bool false
-reuse_state tries to reuse existing state data at startup (Deprecated, startup reuses state by default. Use drop_state to drop the WSV) bool true
-verbosity log verbosity string “config_file”
-wait_for_new_blocks startup synchronization policy - waits for new blocks in blockstore, does not run network bool false